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    Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (www.jains.com) is a largest food processing company in Asia. They procure raw material like foods and vegetables from different market locations in India. Before deploy this application, there procurement representative attend the auction at Mandy and inform the Maximum and Minimum rate of material along with available quantity to the H.O. through phone. Decision maker note down the rates from all market locations, take the decision and inform the approved rate and quantity to the particular location. This was the time consuming process, most of the time competitors procure the material by taking fast decision.

    We developed the android based mobile application, with php based web application in backend and integrated with SAP ERP. Representatives enter the rates and quantity through mobile application, this will update on the server and approver will view the rates and quantity. Approver will approve the rates and quantity for the particular locations. Representatives of that particular location can view the approvals and final the deal. Representatives create the dispatch report from Mobile App, this data will help to create the PO from web app to SAP.