Chemical Industries

Rising costs and reduced margins, increasing competition, vacillating customer demand, and stricter regulations are the leading challenges impacting the chemical industry. Today's chemical manufacturer must compete on many fronts and enact competitive strategies that enable them to remain competitive in the industry. The pressure is on every chemical company worldwide to proactively address the industry challenges and to protect or grow market share. A manual system, one that is a mix of manual and spread-sheets, does not give the manufacturer a competitive platform to address these pressures. The lack of a competitive platform means expensive and time-consuming efforts to meet customer demands, and the growing weight of regulations, and also limits on the ability to benefit from, or protect its markets against, globalization and other threats.
The comprehensive solution by Raintek helps sense and respond to events along supply chain, maximize the performance of production assets, bring innovative products to market quickly, and develop and retain both profitable customers and a talented workforce. The enterprise can achieve operational excellence by seamlessly integrating processes, facilitating collaboration and ensuring regulatory and environmental compliance.

Business Benefits:

  • Standardization and documentation of business process
  • Real time data availability and deeper visibility
  • Flawless planning of resources - human, financial and machine
  • Faster decision making, paper-less functions
  • Improves return on capital with faster implementation
  • Re-engineering of process
  • Accountability of activities
  • Efficiency improvement and cost control