Consumer Products

Speed in delivering the products and bringing in new products has become the mainstay of this industry. The manufacturers need to focus on launching new items faster than ever before. The stakes are high, with few second-chances and the survival of companies at risk with each new product launch. Retail execution is one of the major challenges in Consumer Product Industry. In addition to intense competition and subdued market growth, the sector is faced with a multitude of challenges that are causing loss of market share, price pressures and reduced margins. Consumers have become smarter in spending their money requiring suppliers and retailers to create innovative strategies to influence customer spending decisions.
Raintek offers a comprehensive enterprise solution for this sector. It allows consumer products enterprises to respond to market challenges and changes in consumer demand by providing consumer insights and the ability to act fast – to drive innovation, integrate sales and marketing, and establish a demand-driven supply network.

Business Benefits:
  • Standardization and documentation of business process
  • Real time data availability and deeper visibility
  • Flawless planning of resources - human, financial and machine
  • Faster decision making, paper-less functions
  • Improves return on capital with faster implementation
  • Re-engineering of process
  • Accountability of activities
  • Efficiency improvement and cost control