Dairy Industries

As in the case of every agro-process industry, dairy too is not an exception that calls for a tightrope balance for satisfying two stakeholders poles apart: farmer and consumer. The farmer wants the best price for the milk he is providing, while the consumer wants the milk and other products to be as cheap as possible. And to satisfy them both is the real challenge that comes with an inherent one: managing the perishable good called milk. Technology and automation are the areas of thrust that dairies focussing. Understanding the market realities forms the premise on which the business strategies stand up and this calls for a continuous information flow in the entire process. A click of the mouse is important in delivering the real-time data. Raintek’s solution covers procurement and stock management, production planning and process control including seamless quality control, sales and distribution management, comprehensive food safety management, and financials and controlling, apart from the regular processes of the business.

Business Benefits:
  • Standardization and documentation of business process
  • Real time data availability and deeper visibility
  • Speedier development of new products
  • Manage payment for the producer and service provider
  • Vendor and route analysis
  • Improves return on capital with faster implementation
  • Re-engineering of process
  • Accountability of activities
  • Efficiency improvement and cost control