Delivery approach

The Agile Work Package Method

Our ‘Agile Work Package Method’ adapted elements of the scrum method to guarantee deliver of value to the customer from the outset.
  • Step 1 : Create the 'Feature Backlog' - ie this is a list of features - what this step delivers to the client was screen look and feel scenario that provided the storyboard on how the business adopts the proposition
  • Step 2 : Develop the ‘Supporting Functions Backlog' - what this step delivers is the actual amount of work required to deliver the selected functions behind the screen displays, to the market - in Man Days
The development is carried out by AWP- A series of Agile Work Packages that will deliver a fully working application on completion. An AWP can take anything between 3- 10 days each. Typically an functionally rich application can have around 5 to 10 AWP’s