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The role of information technology goes beyond being a supportive force in achieving business goals. It has become a key driver to business process thinking, and a tool towards building a competitive advantage. It has become critical to success.
Efficiency and cost-effectiveness have been challenges faced by enterprises in ever-changing business environment. To achieve this, enterprises need trustworthy integrated solutions to run business, and a trusted partner that will provide real, measurable and innovative solutions that are strategic and visionary to support a rapidly changing business environment, which are adaptable and scalable without compromising on compliance, quality and cost.
Our focus has been on identifying the market issues and challenges faced by enterprises. Raintek Solutions has a team of professional experts in the listed industry verticals with deep industry knowledge and deeper understanding of business process.

industry verticals

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers are continuously challenged with finding new ways to sustain, minimize the manufacturing cost by leaner processes, quickly turn around new products, have better supply chain execution and reach customer bases more effectively to seek business insight for continuous improvement and perform consistently. Technology is the major driving force for achieving competitive advantage through cost reductions and creation of new opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive solutions for the following manufacturing industry:
Sugar Industry
Dairy Industry
Textile Industries
Life Sciences
Chemical Industries
Consumer Products

Media Enterprises

A major force that often makes an impact on the rules of the game the economy is involved into, Media sector is evolving at a speed unimagined just a decade ago. As the Information and Communication Technologies evolve, it makes an impact on this sector and it has come to be the biggest challenge before it: how to catch up with a continuously evolving technology. A major change that was witnessed during the last decade has been the market shift often described as "mass-media" to "me-media." Content design, content creation and content management are the three processes that become crucial for any media industry, be it entertainment, broadcast, print or e-Media.

Raintek offers a solution that takes into account the needs of customers, viewers, listeners and readers and adaptable to the highly crucial demands of managing deadlines. Raintek’s focus in on localised media enterprises, from micro to medium level.

Financial Services

Globalization has made the financial sector so intense that it is forced to evolve every moment. A small happening in one corner of the world makes a huge impact on an institution in another corner of the world. It is unimagined but very true, and proved by some of the recent experiences. Banking, insurance, capital market companies have to perform at the highest level as the market itself is a tough one, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and therefore confident. Providing sustained value to the money merely on the basis of money is the real challenge. That calls for innovation, deeper insight and total visibility over processes.
Raintek provides a solution that helps take the company forward in every part of business by deploying technology at an enhanced level.


Delivering the fruits of development to the last common man is the important duty of any government organization anywhere in the world. Globalized world has precisely seen this process as a challenge: the gulf between the rich and poor is growing and threatening the very existence of the system. This challenge can be taken upon only if the governments innovate on its processes and this is where Information Technology plays a crucial role. Be it health, taxation, education, revenue, transport or for that matter the very department of Information Technology, the processes need to be more delivery oriented, more simple for the common man, and more efficient.
Raintek has a bouquet in e-Governance to cater to the local needs in Indian scenario. The solutions come as desktop applications or web-based, along with addition of mobile technologies. The strength of the solutions is the ability to cater to the end-user in his/her language.