Smartphone Application Solutions

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The Smartphone Craft Centre
The primary purpose of the craft centre is to assist enterprises to exploit advancement in Smartphone technology, and allow them and their customers to retrieve, analyse and act upon data in real-time. In addition to this, by mobilising their underlying business processes, enterprises can significantly reduce time and cost of (eg.) order capture, receipt confirmation, diagnosis of errors, and become agile and responsive to customers, employees and partners.

Smartphone Solution Development & Porting Environment

iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows development and porting environment that exploits the benefits of the Smartphone environment, our competency covers:
• Motion based features
• Mobile e-commerce: acceptance and validation of card payments
• Real time integration with leading ERP applications like SAP and Oracle
• Information available on time
• Graphic animation
• Location based features including push and pull messages
• Plus supporting features such as videos, pictures, sound and instant messaging

What we deliver
• Smartphone solution definition, development, implementation and support
• Custom Smartphone application development in Android, Java-J2ME, Windows Smartphone
   and iOS
• Smartphone application development outsourcing
• Smartphone application porting from one platform to another

Smartphone Application Development Environment

Raintek Solutions expertise in Smartphone application development covers the following mix of technologies and Smartphone platforms:
• Java/J2ME
• Android
• Blackberry
• iOS
• Windows Smartphone Platform
Our focus is on agile delivery using the method detailed below to support our customers' Smartphone application needs in a cost effective way, integrated into their existing business environment.

Smartphone Application Porting Environment

Raintek Solutions has the experience and knowledge supported by the appropriate infrastructure to port your application to majority of the platforms available in the market. Our inter-platform porting also covers upgrading the application to the latest version of the operating environment, and exploiting new features and functions available, thus ensuring total compatibility with the organisations supporting business processes and procedures.

Our approach to development and porting is based on the 'The Agile Work Package Method'.
All our deliverables carry a one year warranty cover.

Art of the possible - Prototyping Laboratory

The primary purpose of the prototyping laboratory is to help enterprises establish whether the Smartphone environment can improve and enhance their business results and customer perception. It helps in validating the assumptions in exploiting mobile technology and fit it to your business before you commit to full scale deployment

Our strengths in delivering the SMAPPS solutions:
Our USP – Unique Solution Proposition – By working closely with the enterprise and its team, designing and delivering initially the user screen flows to validate how the application will enhance and optimise the company's business environment.
We deliver
• Initial requirements analysis
• Based on this up to 10 user screen flows
• A roadmap to developing the working process to support the proposed application
• A Benefit Statement
All the above for $ 250
Typical application price starts at $ 1000

OUR ASSUARANCE: Please note that any requirement or proposition submitted to us will remain confidential and we would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to undertaking any activity.