Sugar Industry

Sugar industry is one of the largest and growing industries in the world, serving millions of farmers, processors and communities. Sustaining the sugar production, especially in times when input costs are spiralling and trading has become highly competitive has been the crucial challenge it has to cope up. Efficiency in cane farming and deployment of appropriate cane management system has greater financial impact on the profitability of the industry than the subsequent processing.
With seasonal production activity, the needs of the industry to enhance the business processes to achieve high rate of productivity has a unique nature. Real time availability of critical information like crop (climate, soil, irrigation, farming patterns etc.), production(timely crushing, higher recovery, efficient utilization of raw material and reducing losses), relentless changes in the state policies about prices (of sugarcane and sugar, molasses and spirit, and other by-products like ethanol and co-generation) have a crucial impact on the business.
Raintek, through its vast exposure to the industry in a region which is a leader in improvement and modernisation in the sector, has an integrated approach to achieve this goal. The objective of the solution is to cater to the comprehensive business requirement of sugar industry, in an integrated manner and ensure absolute automation of various user process requirements.

Business Benefits:

  • Standardization and documentation of business process
  • Real time data availability and deeper visibility
  • Speedier development of new products
  • Manage payment for the producer and service provider
  • Vendor and route analysis
  • Improves return on capital with faster implementation
  • Re-engineering of process
  • Accountability of activities
  • Efficiency improvement and cost control

Raintek Solutions developed customized ERP solutions - Crystalsoft for Sugar Refineries.