Textile Industry

The textile industry has been evolving and adapting its operative methods continually to the changes felt by globalization, mergers and acquisitions and also the trade regulations world-wide. The industry has become complex, as it has both the manufacturing as well as the servicing obligations. The industry has adopted modern methods of management which begins right from the procurement process of the raw materials, to confection, and finally hits the shop floor, where the raw materials get transformed into products in a totally automated environment.The three quintessential areas of challenge in the textile industry are:
  • an optimal inventory management
  • a smooth logistics practice
  • a streamlined manufacturing method
Raintek offers a comprehensive solution for the industry. The objective of the solution is to cater to the comprehensive business requirements of textile industry, in an integrated manner and ensure absolute automation of various user process requirements.

Business Benefits:
  • Standardization and documentation of business process
  • Real time data availability and deeper visibility
  • Flawless planning of resources - human, financial and machine
  • Faster decision making, paper-less functions
  • Improves return on capital with faster implementation
  • Re-engineering of process
  • Accountability of activities
  • Efficiency improvement and cost control