Raw Material Procurement Systems

Our aim is to help Food Processing Industries to make their Raw Material Procurement process faster.

Raintek Solutions developed Raw Material Procurement System for the food processing industries where fruits and vegetables are used as a raw material. Organizations are procuring the raw material from different market locations. Procurement representatives are attends the auction at market locations, inform the material rate and available quantity to the superior seating at different location and wait for the approval. After getting approval, user can create the dispatch report through mobile application and further process will manage through web application like weighment, create Purchase Orders and GRN.

This system has three major parts – iOS/Android based mobile application, PHP based web application and integration with SAP ERP/Standard ERP.

  • Android based mobile application is used by procurement representatives to submit the material rates and available quantity which is updated to the web application through web services. After received approval from approver, representative create the dispatch report by using this mobile app. Approver is also used this mobile app to approve the rates and quantity.
  • PHP based web application with MySQL database is used as a backend for this system. Web application is used for update the information submit and fetched by mobile application. Web application is also used for capture the weight at weighbridge, create the deductions of material, create the purchase order by sending the data to the SAP System/Any Standard ERP.
  • Web application is integrated with SAP ERP or Any Standard ERP. Web application fetched the data like vendors and material from SAP and send the data to create the purchase order and create

Core Modules

  • Vendor Management
  • Material Management
  • Submission and Approvals of Rates/Quantity
  • Create Dispatch Report
  • Weighment
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receipts
  • Vendors Payment Management
  • User Management
  • MIS Reports