Data Analytics Services & Solutions

As experts in data analytics services, we help organizations build end-to-end data analytics solutions and strategies with our subject matter experts to deliver services that suit your enterprise requirements.

Data Analytics Solutions

Data is the fuel that powers digital transformation. And we are at the intersection of how enterprise leaders use data to enhance customer value and drive sustainable growth. Through our industry knowledge and suite of technology-led solutions, including robust data foundations on the cloud – we empower large-sized companies and their teams to make strategic, real-time decisions.

As resilience and agility remain business critical, our global team of data specialists turn data into business intelligence – connecting all the dots so your workforce can focus on value creation, not day-to-day operations. From building new products and services to delivering fantastic customer experiences, we help organizations reimagine what’s possible.


Analytics Consulting

Raintek offers expert analytics consulting service that helps transform data into insightful information, ensures operational excellence and gives you a competitive edge. Our strategic data analytics consultants have deep domain expertise across the full data stack and help resolve your business challenges in less time.

Data Visualization

Unlock new ways to grow and innovate with real-time dashboards and reports at your finger-tips. Our data visualization consultants and experts understand your business needs, KPIs, and business drivers to design intuitive and interactive dashboards that allow you to understand your data in new ways.

Business Intelligence

Our pool of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are geared towards helping your business develop an effective strategy that reduces risk and enables growth. Our Business Intelligence service experts help you gain a better understanding of the key metrics surrounding your operations and processes.

Supply Chain Analytics

Optimize your inventory levels, forecast your demand & sales, optimize your logistics, & planning. Our supply chain analytics services help you optimize the supply chain, thus increasing revenues and reducing costs. Our skilled experts helps to deploy custom-developed solutions to tackle the supply chain challenges specific to your business.